Palomar Health's Forensic Health Services

Child Abuse Program (CAP) and Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Quietly Keeping our Children Safe for 30 Years


Every day, for the past 30 years, the staff of Palomar Health's Forensic Health Services (FHS) which encompasses Child Abuse Program (CAP) and the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) have devoted their lives to caring for those most vulnerable in our community: children and victims who have been abused.

FHS offers a safe place where a victim's story is first heard, documented and believed; where kind, patient, highly-trained staff handles the delicate task of interviewing children and adults who are often stunned and traumatized, distrustful and scared.

FHS staff works closely with local investigative and prosecutorial agencies to provide complete state-of-the-art assessments that may later be used in court.

CAP & SART services are available 24-hours a day to provide medical services for children and adults who have experienced sexual and/or physical abuse.

Accredited by the National Children's Alliance, FHS serves approximately 450 children and adults annually (275 CAP and 175 SART).

Often, the evidence gathered by members of SART is so strong and compelling, that suspects will admit their guilt, sparing victims the necessity of testifying in a public court room.

CAP is one of only two such programs in San Diego County.  

Today, faced with new federal regulations in healthcare reimbursements, sequestration cuts and smaller grants made from foundations, FHS is bracing for losses that must be made up with private support.

Your help today can minimize these children’s trauma and help take predators off the streets – preventing future children from suffering abuse.

To make a gift in support of Forensic Health Services, contact the Palomar Health Foundation at 760.739.2787.


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Citizen of Courage: Azalyea Duran

The following video recounts the horrific story of Azalyea Duran, the 8-year-old San Marcos girl who was left for dead. Azalyea, who had been asleep in her home when she awoke to witness her mother being attacked, was herself stabbed 27 times.


Forensic Health Services Program 


Helps North County Abuse Survivor 

In a special report, KPBS reporter Kenny Goldberg showcases the Palomar Health Forensic Services that have helped child abuse and sexual abuse victims for decades. You can view the video below or read the story here.

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