Senior Care Grant Program

Our Senior Care Grant Program (SCGP) helps adults ages 65 and older who are challenged by or suffer from a chronic illness. SCGP is the only hospital-based program in San Diego County that provides at-cost caregiving and transportation services for seniors who are unable to afford care.

Two out of five seniors have to choose between rent and food.  By 2030, it is estimated that 213,300 caregivers will be needed to provide care for nearly 93,600 San Diegans living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia.

The SCGP program strives to bridge the gap between the high costs of home care for a fixed-income patient with a goal to help patients regain their desired level of independent living. SCGP alleviates added financial stress so that seniors with chronic illnesses can focus on their recovery. Palomar Health’s program offers these valuable services for seniors from Poway to Fallbrook and from Ramona to the coast:

  • Transportation (the most requested need).
  • Supportive services such as grocery shopping, healthy meal preparation, hygiene care (safe bathing), safety measures, house cleaning (for infection/re-infection control remediation), and companionship to promote sense of security and comfort.
  • Management of physician appointments/associated tasks relative to physician directions, and when needed if a family member is not available, to be present as an advocate for care/caregiving.
  • Emotional support. Seniors can become easily depressed without a strong support system of caregivers. SCGP staff members provide resources for social and other types of support groups to prevent isolation.
  • Support of and engagement with family caregivers. Seniors who are also taking care of their [senior] significant other will at times feel they have to make a choice between their own health and their loved one. SCGP supports the family caregiver as well as the patient helping to identify signs of mental health issues and providing access to appropriate resources.

Gifts to this program touch many lives in multiple ways—all based on providing or accessing resources at a senior’s home, which is their greatest source of comfort and security.


  • Palomar Medical Center Escondido


    2185 Citracado Parkway

    Escondido, CA 92029





  • Palomar Medical Center Poway


    15615 Pomerado Road

    Poway, CA 92064