Answering a Community's Call to Sevice 

Some people might be a bit nervous hosting an American acting icon in their home, but Carol Lazier didn’t hesitate when former Palomar Health Foundation board member Robert Crouch asked her to open her doors in 2007.

Lazier agreed to host the fundraiser featuring Olympia Dukakis, best known for her Academy Award winning performance in Moonstruck, because the actress was also making a name for herself as a nationally recognized women’s health advocate. At that time, Lazier was acutely aware of the difficulty some women have in accessing proper medical care. Her sister-in-law Jan Wilson, who lived in the Central Valley, was fighting cervical cancer and struggling to get the medical care she so desperately needed.

“I looked around and realized how lucky we are to have an amazing healthcare system, especially a system that serves so many women’s needs,” explained Lazier. “So that first donation was to Palomar Medical Center Poway's Jean McLaughlin Women's Center for Health and Healing Services, and I’ve just stayed involved since then.

Jan was an amazing, wonderful woman; I do it for her memory, and for all the other women who are receiving such incredible care right in their own community.”

A loving tribute

Recently, Lazier further honored her sister-in-law and women and families throughout North County by making a $1 million gift to the healthcare district. She is encouraging others to contribute to what she sees as a precious community asset.“We need everyone to pitch in now, because there’s still so much to do,” she said.  

“San Diego is renowned for fabulous hospitals, but we have this amazing district that is providing wonderful care – and I love that it is public healthcare for all. When you think about the new medical center, you have to realize that it has created so many jobs, so it’s a positive impact on the economy as well as healthcare.”  

Lazier has received care at Palomar Medical Center Poway and her daughter gave birth to her grandson there, making it the hospital of choice for three generations of the family.

It’s All About Community

In addition to the healthcare district, community involvement is a cornerstone of Lazier’s busy life: She runs a family foundation, supports the Palomar YMCA, the San Diego Opera, the San Diego Museum of Art and the San Diego Symphony as well as being the co-founder of and a major contributor to the local nonprofit organization Solutions: Exploring Success Post High School, which provides free college and career information for local high school students.

She is also an active member of Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church.“I really love the groups I’ve been involved with over the years,” she says. “But I want to be more involved in North County, because I think it’s the best kept secret in the area. We have so much to offer.”

So when another friend, former San Diego City Councilwoman Barbara Warden, asked her to co-chair the Palomar Health Foundation Honorary Campaign Cabinet to build the new Palomar Medical Center Escondido and fund improvements throughout the district, she once again agreed.

That willingness to say yes – to family, to friends and to her community – is a thread that has been strongly woven into her active, involved lifestyle. She’s energized by her busy days and says she draws strength from one of her favorite quotes from neurosurgeon and author Ben Carson: “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

In Carol Lazier’s world, every day is another opportunity to give.

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